Patchwork Envy

patchwork envy


patchwork envy by casualcolie featuring a blue denim jacket created from Polyvore

TOPSHOP gray sweatshirt

GUCCI denim patched jacket

High Heels Suicide- Heart Breaker Denim Jacket 

Lane Crawford- Mickey Mouse patches

MANGO patched denim shorts

COACH Embellished racer jacket

TOPSHOP bomber

Who’s been seeing those denim jackets full of patches? I sure have, and I find them unique. Adding patches on clothing makes them more individual and personal. I found a couple examples above of patchwork envy for me as I would love any of these into my closet! I’ll be looking around for my own or purchase a few patches that fit my personal style and include them on my denim. It could be a fun DIY project with you and your friends by finding patches that you like and sewing or ironing them on!

Thanks, xoxo

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