Waterless Lip Color? Yes, It Exists!

pinch of colour, waterless makeup, matte velvet, aria, lip color

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Pinch of ColourMatte Velvet Waterless Lip Color in color, Aria 

Hey you! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! I wanted to share with you a brand I just recently found and believe in. Pinch of Colour kindly gave me a lip color that I gratefully received so that I could talk to you about this brands amazing cause and quality products. It’s called the Matte Velvet Waterless Lip Color in color, Aria . I’ve been in search for better, healthier beauty brands that share similar values to mine. Including products with less and safer ingredients that benefit the skin and overall health of the body. Yes, a percentage of your products chemicals seep into the skin. But, don’t freak out. Instead, be aware and more cautious of what you’re putting on your body.  

I’m super picky with matte lip products as I find them to dry out my lips way too much to the point where I get lines, making me look like I’ve aged like ten years. Yikes! So, I was a bit cautious with this one. Fortunately, I was blown away by the incredible formulation and application. It’s blend-able and long lasting! What more could a girl ask for? I had no idea it was going to last very long on my lips, but it definitely does. It lives up to it’s name, ‘pinch of colour’ since you can just add a pinch on your lips and it goes a long way as it’s pretty pigmented. 

I have to share with you something that stood out to me on Pinch of Colour’s website, which stated ‘wearing Pinch is wearing change‘ and how their mission is ‘beauty with a cause.’ It’s nice finding a brand that has a wonderful cause where it’s customers can feel that they made a difference, no matter how small. I will be purchasing more of their products soon, since I am in love! 

Here is a little bit on the founder. The founder and CEO, Linda Treska has worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years and wanted to conserve water, as she noticed those from third world countries who weren’t provided with clean water. That inspired her to start her brand, which is the only brand that doesn’t use water! Quite shocking! Hopefully other brands can look up to her and make a positive change. You can read more about the founder here

So many good things about this brand. The Matte Velvet Waterless Lip Color in color, Aria contains ingredients jojoba oil, rose hip oil and mango seed butter to hydrate the lips and keep them healthy. It is… 

— Water-Free

— Mineral Oil-Free 

— Non-Toxic 

— Paraben-Free

— Phthalate-Free

The packaging is recyclable. Some of the profits made from Pinch of Colour is donated to help those in need of clean water. 

I must not fail to mention how this shade is such a sweet and flattering color. They guessed what lip color would look good on me and guessed right! It brightens up my look just a bit from my natural lip color making me feel a little more girly and summery. I’m going to still wear this in the fall. Who cares?! I love this shade so much. I’ve been looking for a shade just like this for awhile now and just didn’t know it was coming. One that’s a bit brighter than my natural lip color, but natural looking enough that it doesn’t stand out on an everyday makeup look. 

Hope you guys found this information helpful and more conscious of what you’re purchasing! Comment below if you’ve tried Pinch of Colour? Heard of it before? Which brand of lip products are you a huge fan of? Don’t be shy! Let me know! 

P.S. the color is shown more accurately on the website. 



pinch of colour, waterless makeup, matte velvet, aria, lip color

pinch of colour, waterless makeup, matte velvet, aria, lip color

pinch of colour, waterless makeup, matte velvet, aria, lip color

pinch of colour, waterless makeup, matte velvet, aria, lip color

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