Blushed Pink Crush

pink, bomber  pink, bomber  pink, bomber  pink, bomber  pink, bomber

 What I’m wearing: 

Pink BomberZaful 

Floral Sweatshirt — H&M

Collaborating with Zaful again, woot woot! Received this pink bomber from them to review. I’ve been really into the light pink pastel color this winter, of all seasons and decided to get a trendy piece in the color. The trendy piece, in case you haven’t already noticed, is a bomber. The bomber has been trending for I don’t know how long, but it’s here to stay for a bit longer and even when it goes “out of style,” I’m most likely still going to be wearing it. I simply like wearing them! 

As usual, I wasn’t feeling like wearing something super girly and instead wanted to stick to what is true to me. Most days, that includes wearing black. I find that black can sharpen up a look or make it a little edgy, depending on the other pieces you wear with it. So, I was going for a small amount of edge with my girly, pink bomber and floral sweatshirt. I love how this look is different from the traditional bomber, tee, jeans, and sneakers look. Don’t get me wrong I love that look as it is classic! But, this particular day I wanted to incorporate black, as most other days! 

Someday soon, I’m going to wear this glossy, pink bomber with nude colors for a polished and girly look! I think it’ll look totally adorable! 

Tell me how you wear your bomber? Comment below! 

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