The pocket tee

I’ve been looking at local shops to mix within my current style and help out local boutiques! This way, I also get wonderful discounts for you beautiful followers! I like to add simple pieces in with my classic pieces from brands that never go out of style like Levi’s, Calvin Kleins, etc. I also did a DIY, which is unusual for me and saved a bunch on a pair of boyfriend jeans, so I’ll tell you the process below! Keep on reading….:)

collaboration, pocket tee, cleo madison  collaboration, pocket tee, cleo madison This Cleo Madison Kendra Suede Pocket Tee is super, super soft! I love oversized fit tees that are super comfy and soft, but can be tucked in for a casual look or paired with leggings. I’ve been adding the color gray into my wardrobe more and more as I have grown to like it even more than ever. It’s such a beneficial neutral color to add into any wardrobe as it is extremely easy to pair with multiple looks. I paired mine with boyfriend jeans for a 90’s type of feel, but added a pair of laced Keds for my girly girl side.  I have a 15% coupon code below, so keep browsing:) collaboration, pocket tee, cleo madison  collaboration, pocket tee, cleo madison DIY boyfriend jeans guide:

1- visit your local thrift store and find a pair of oversized jeans (I prefer a name brand for a vintage feel so mine are from Calvin Klein and I like  high waisted!)

2- buy & decide where you want the holes to be in each leg (I didn’t want too many holes, but enough for a grungy, 90’s look)

I also had to go through a longer process as the lower legs were too big, so I cropped them in and unstitched the bottom seams too in order to roll them up how I like. I also could unroll them for a fringe look, which is trending!

3- place a cd cover inbetween the two leg parts, take scissors and cut a small horizontal line where you want each hole. Cut how wide you prefer (keep at least an inch left between each side of pants)

4- use tweezers to pick at the ends that you cut in order to create fringe. If you want the white pieces, make sure you cut two holes about an inch apart and pull out the blue string, which leaves the white horizontal strings between. It may take some time, but keep pulling!

5- walaaah! You are done!

collaboration, pocket tee, cleo madison  collaboration, pocket tee, cleo madison

Outfit pieces

Cleo Madison- Kendra Suede Pocket Tee 

Thrifted & DIY- Calvin Klein boyfriend jeans

Keds- Floral tennis shoes


15 % off coupon code: casual15

Shop more boyfriend jeans here…

What have you DIY? Do you have boyfriend jeans? Where from?

Thanks, xoxo



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