skincare, beauty, face, pumpkin

pumpkin, skincare, face, makeup

pumpkin, skincare, beauty, face

pumpkin, skincare, face  pumpkin, skincare, face   pumpkin, skincare, face

Peter Lamas naturals- exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub (for all skin types)

it cosmetics- Hello Lashes!

the Balm- Meet Matt(e) Hughes (long lasting liquid lipstick in shade Committed)

eva nyc- therapy session hair mask (with argan)

Emite Make Up- hair tweezers

I honestly am most excited to sample the facial scrub since it contains pumpkin! Haha! I’ve actually already dabbed into a few of the products and am quite impressed by one of them… but you’ll have to wait for another post:) I love trying new products that I’ve never heard about as well as receiving some brands I’ve heard good things about! I’m also excited to try the therapy hair mask since it claims to contain argan oil, which I find does wonders on my hair by making it extremely soft! I love the clever name given to the liquid lipstick and usually tend to favor the long lasting type of balms or lipstick.

Thanks, xoxo

Review will be coming soon!

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