Empties: Skincare

Hello all! It’s me again:) I’m continuing on with my Empties posts, this one is specific to the skincare products I’ve used up and have like using. I actually quite miss them too! Luckily, I have other products I’ve been using to replace them, but once those are gone, I want to purchase the Purlisse one again since that is my absolute favorite of the favorite! So, here we go…

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Skincare products:

Befine-Cucumber facial mask

Purlisse- gentle soy milk cleanser

derma e- microdermabrasion scrub

Peter Lamas- exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub


Boy, did I enjoy a bit of pampering from using the Befine cucumber facial mask  and couldn’t get enough of it. When you apply it, it is a light green foaming feeling mask that hardens after about ten minutes. It’s so soothing and relaxing and cleanses the face for a soft finish. I would recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin since it is very soft for the skin and shouldn’t cause any redness afterwards. If you and your friends are up for a pamper night, this needs to be included for sure!

Here is my favorite face cleanser EVER! the Purlisse gentle soy milk cleanser is a miracle saver… ok, ok I know that sounds a bit overboard, but I loved it. I also would recommend this to those with sensitive skin as it doesn’t hurt the face and isn’t harsh, doesn’t contain harsh chemicals either as it is I believe, all natural! I prefer using products that are natural and organic as they won’t contain chemicals that cause negative side effects over the long run. I’d rather use a product that only uses a few ingredients that simply do the job, and this does! It’s a gentle cleanser that takes off ALL your makeup, even your hard to rub off mascara. It’s always tough finding a cleanser that takes off all your makeup, without hurting the face a bit but this one does the trick for sure.

The derma e microdermabrasion scrub smelt of lemons! It contained little beads that you massage on the face for a few minutes to remove any dead skin cells. I liked using about once or twice a week while taking a shower to scrub off the unnecessary dirt off my face. It was nice and refreshing! I would consider it an exfoliator for the face, so if you need an exfoliator, I’d say get this one!

Yummy! The exfoliating pumpkin facial scrub by Peter Lamas was also a wonderful exfoliator to use. Not only did it smell of a pumpkin, vanilla flavor, but it also had mini beads that scrubbed away all the unwanted dead skin from my face. The bonus was that is was also all natural and quite healthy for the skin. The only thing to be wary of is that over time it became more and more runny, it could be because of water leaking into the packaging but I’m not sure. The smell was amazing and it’s all natural, so I give it an A:)

What products are in your skincare routine? Exfoliators? Cleansers? Comment below:)

Thanks, xoxo

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