Q&A: What Websites & Blogs Do You Find Yourself Browsing?

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There are so many possible questions to ask about any subject, and I’m one for being curious about those related to fashion and beauty. So, to those of you who also like finding out more about all things fashion and beauty, I want to share with you some answers to potential questions you may be having. Feel free and comment below to let me know what other questions pertaining to sustainable fashion and simple beauty you have for me? This can include tips and tricks, how to’s and tutorials or what not that you have further questions on. To start this Q&A series off, I’ll be answering the question: What websites/blogs do I find myself browsing often? These websites are most of the one’s I gain some inspiration from for future posts, my outfit ideas, and more…

Q: What Websites and Blogs Do You Find Yourself Browsing? 



I’ve got a bunch of websites and a few blogs that I like to look at occasionally to help get my creativity going. I’m going to list only three for fashion and three for beauty so that this post doesn’t get too long. Enjoy! 

Fashion top 3 fav’s: 

Who What Wear 


Man Repeller 

Who What Wear always has eye catching titles that pull you into their articles. I think they have the most fun website for keeping up to date in the fashion world. They cover so many things from celebs style to how to style different clothing pieces, while providing examples that you can easily click on and shop for if you like any of them. I also find the layout of this website super easy to navigate through as it’s got a clean design that really appeals to me. 

I may be getting a little too old for Seventeen’s typical demographic, as I’ve noticed that they like to cover a lot on young celebrities stories, which don’t really fascinate me. But, I like checking out the fashion and beauty section, while sometimes looking through the wellness column. I think it’s great how Seventeen includes stories from regular girls, instead of only sharing about models, actors, and media socialites. I am still subscribed to the print magazine ever since I was about sixteen and it’s one of the major reasons I’m such a fan of fashion. Fashion is such a great source for personal expression and creativity. 

As for Man Repeller, Leandra Medine is just so darn funny! I love her witty website and she’s hired such amazing contributors to write on there too. It’s great how creative they are in developing new articles that really interest the fashion girl. She’s just so real! No superficial, fake stuff that bores me to death. Not only is the name super original, but the whole site is always fun to browse.

Now onto the blogger end of things…

Sincerely Jules

Andi Csinger

Christina Caradona (Trop Rouge)

       — Aimee Song (Song of Style)

Notice how none of them have a minimalist style? Just because I consider myself a minimalist, doesn’t mean I have to only like monochromatic things. Minimalism doesn’t have a direct definition, thankfully I can interpret it myself and for me this means I like having a few clothing pieces that are more vibrant, eccentric, or unique. It’s also then easier to make an outfit as I have neutrals for those more creative pieces. 

Californiiiaaaa! My sister and I can’t get enough of Sincerely Jules outfit ideas! She seems to always find the cutest California laid back pieces to wear. I think she also could be considered a travel blogger since she always seems to be on the move to tropical places and never ceases to impress with her casual fashion sense. She also has a fashion line where she’s created pieces similar to her style and she sometimes posts outfits incorporating those pieces. 

Andi Csinger or Andi Singer, very ambiguous name since I’m still honestly thrown off by her blog name and which one is actually her real name. Other than that, Her style is one I aspire to as she exudes confidence in her casual/menswear looks. She likes pairing sweaters with denim, basic tees with high waisted jeans, and layering her pieces. Her looks are more casual and less dressy, since I think it’s easier to relate to than the bloggers who create outfits with too much formal wear. Who needs a fancy dress every weekend? Come on! I’d rather have Andi’s style in a heart beat. You don’t need a new formal outfit every week in order to feel good. You can feel good everyday sporting street style wear. 

One of the first bloggers I came across about five years ago who inspired me to start blogging was Christina Caradona. Once again, her style isn’t similar to mine yet there’s something about it that I like. I think it’s because her looks are unique to most of the other bloggers. She doesn’t try to fit in by wearing cookie cutter, matchy matchy, floral and lace, more is more outfits. She knows how to create looks while incorporating just the right amount of different styles using many classic pieces like blazers, oxfords, and button up shirts. 

I just had to add in Aimee Song, who created the fashion and interior design blog, Song of Style. I recently read through her book about how to use Instagram to share your style. Typically, I wouldn’t wear most of her outfits, but I recognize her authentic style and find it inspiring. Not long ago, she’s become consistent on YouTube, where she gave us an inside look into how she navigates through fashion week’s around the world. She captures her personality really well on camera, as you can see her making jokes and enjoying herself while talking to the camera as if we’re one of her good friends. She’s got talent for sure! 

Beauty top 3 fav’s: 


Into the Gloss 


In conjunction with Who What Wear, Byrdie just got it right. You can’t blame me for enjoying the site as it’s design is similar if not the same as the Who What Wear one. Everything like Who What Wear, but for beauty. 

I can’t remember how I found out about Into the Gloss, but glad I did as it’s got a very modern approach to beauty. They consistently interview people in the industry who know what’s up. Emily Weiss, the founder of Into the Gloss even created a beauty brand, Glossier which has been getting a lot of hype in the beauty community. I have yet to try any of the products, since I find it’s more for those with dry skin. 

Goop is not considered just a beauty website as it covers other things, but I generally find myself browsing the beauty or wellness sections the most. I wouldn’t say I entirely agree with their direction as it’s a little too tree hugging for me since it’s all about clean beauty. Their description of clean beauty excludes all chemicals, generally safe synethics too. I definitely don’t believe every type of chemical is toxic, and also know that some natural things are more toxic than others, so it’s a bit of greenwashing. Otherwise, they have some advice give or take on a nice simple beauty regime. It’s also been controversial how pricey some of the products designed from Goop, Supergoop are and some of the claims made without backing themselves up, but other than that it’s fun to look at to get ideas from. 

Extra – Social media:




Side note: If you want to know the Pinners, Instagrammers, or YouTuber’s that I follow to get even more fashion and beauty inspo, let me know in the comments.

But, what about sustainable fashion? I’ve tabbed so many sites that I haven’t been through them all, as you can expect. So, I’ll definitely let you know if I find any that I end up reading from often. As of now, I sometimes check Fashion Revolution which has such a wonderful resource for anyone who is curious about why we need this fashion movement.

So there you have it! The top websites and blogs I try to keep up to date on so that I continue to be inspired and help spark more creativity into my fashion and beauty lifestyle. I’m planning on doing a Q&A every other week and thereby turning it into another series, if that’s something you guys would enjoy? Let me know! 

Don’t forget to leave me a message on a question you might have about minimal fashion and beauty that I may answer in the future! 



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