When I think of decorating a room, I think of how costly it could possibly be. But, I recently found out it’s actually quite simple. For anyone out there who needs inspiration for their new dorm room or girly living space, you’re in the right place! Here’s some room decor ideas for the fashionista girl! Want to include your favorite magazine photos or place your favorite beauty products out on display?  Check out my examples of what’s within my own room! Hope these ideas help:)


Picture frames have endless possibilities in what photo to put within it. Instead of adding family or friends, I used a magazine cut-out of shoes to expand my theme throughout the whole room. It’s easy as pie to find a photo from magazines or in your collection of old photos to work within your setting.
Fake flowers
I have about 3 fake or real plants within my room because they don’t take up much space and create an outdoor or happy type of place. They add a bit of cheer to the atmosphere in the room. And of course, they come in all colors and styles! Find one that fits your vision.
Soap holder= accessory holder – Dollar Store
Bam! I love when an object has more than one function, such as a soap holder. This small green tray can also be used to decorate a room and add a small memory. Mine just so happened to be seashells from a few vacations I’ve been on. This creates a pleasant memory into the room.
White drawer divider
It’s hard keeping all your knick knacks in one spot without it looking like a mess. A divider helps separate them apart and keep things more organized. I know that when my room is clean and organized, I can think straight. Whenever my room is a mess, my life feels a bit like chaos.
I love adding more light into my room to make it more lively! Not only do I have a lamp in the corner of my room, but candles and these lovely lights that string across my mirror. It’s very relaxing after I come home from a long day to turn these on and listen to some music.
Silver candle holders – Target ($1 each! Score!)
I sometimes browse that dollar section in Target to try and score on something cool to add to my room. And sure enough I did! These silver candle holders are so darling. I find that odd numbers look better when grouped together, so I bought 3 for a total of $3! Yay!
Green vase w/ real plant
Honestly, I can’t remember what type of plant this is but I like how the vines stretch out because I find it quite beautiful. I heard that it’s rather healthy having a live plant in a room because it must create a happy atmosphere. It’s also something to take care of with a little water and singing… haha! Even a name will do. Ok, maybe I’m getting a little out of hand here.
Fake flowers w/ dark green vase & gel beads – Dollar Store
I couldn’t resist adding another fake plant into the room. I found it worked perfectly on my silver tray. The gel beads within the vase actually can be used for live plants as well as fake.
Clear lipstick case
I wanted to feature my favorite lipsticks and glosses, along with perfumes in my room. It’s simple to find clear cases anywhere, and they are so handy! This made a perfect place to display a few of my favorite lip stuff and decorate my room at the same time.
Silver tray Charming Charlies
Having a tray to hold a few things you want to feature makes your room look more organized. Plus, it adds more of your style since they come in different designs. I was going with a bit of a silver theme in my decor, so this one worked perfectly. I set the clear lipstick case on in along with the fake flowers, and a bowl designed as a seashell to hold my rings.
Magazine collage wall
One of my walls in my room is covered entirely with magazine cut-outs! I absolutely love the creativity that comes from doing a collage. I put up all the outfits, artists, models, etc. that I was inspired by on my wall. Whenever someone walks into my room, they respond with a whoaaaa!!! It’s definitely the focal point in my room, but I like it! If that seems too much for you, find a small cork board to add a few photos or cut-outs that describe your personality.
No need to spend any money, find books throughout your house and collect them in one spot. You can set a couple on the side of a your night stand or pile some in different directions across a shelf. You can learn a bit about someone by what books they read, and it’s a nice conversation starter when a friend sees your room.
Thanks, xoxo