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My last Ipsy bag is here and in a gorgeous bag! I love this scarlet red colored bag and want to bring it with me everywhere even though it probably doesn’t match with anything I own… oh wait, it matches black yay! I find these bags handy when I want to organize my purse a little and put in a few makeup products to touch up my makeup. Anyways, I have sampled these products over the past month and wanted to let you guys know what I thought about each! Ok, there were two that totally didn’t apply to me, which is odd considering how I filled out a questionnaire on Ipsy’s website on my hair type, skin type, etc. But, this is the only bag that I’ve gotten that doesn’t cater specifically to me. I’ve loved receiving products straight to my door from this website and would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to try new beauty products and doesn’t know where to start! It’s especially nice how the bag contains small samples of products and it only costs 10 bucks a month. Ipsy mixes products that are well known to most and also other products not heard of from I am not told to say this either, this is my own opinion.

makeup, skincare, product review

makeup, skincare, product review

makeup, skincare, product review

makeup, skincare, product review

makeup, skincare, product review


Starting with the eyeshadow palette, I love the fact that it is mostly made of natural ingredients since some makeup contains unhealthy components if continued over time. If you’d like to see a blog post on what ingredients you should avoid, let me know! I usually just google it and find information since I am trying to gradually emerge into using more natural makeup, skincare, and homecare products. Anyways, The eyeshadow palette has gorgeous colors that are super easy for me to add into my makeup favorites since I really like the neutral toned and gold shades when it comes to eyeshadow. These shades are more subtle compared to other bold colors which make it easier to create looks that enhance your natural beauty instead of hide your face. But, those bold colors can also work well for special occassions, so I wouldn’t suggest completely avoiding them. Onto the next, I didn’t use the deep moisture mask and am not sure I will since I want to avoid moisturizers that aren’t oil-free because I have oily prone skin. This is simply a mask, but I’d rather skip sampling it just in case my face wouldn’t react to it quite well. Now, I’ve also heard how Pacifica cosmetics also tend to be more natural and I’ve tried a few products that I quite like from this brand. The lipstick is in a matte form and I’m not sure if it was designed like that or to just be a natural lipstick. If I were to receive this in a more pinky hued tone I would’ve like it even more since I try to avoid brownish shades because I find that sometimes they can make you look older…(and they remind me of the 90’s). The packaging is super cute and I like the whole design of the lipstick and quite like the lipstick itself along with adding a little gloss on top, but if you prefer matte I’d say this is the perfect option. Just don’t expect this lipstick to be super smooth in consistancy since it is more matte based. The next product was a curling creme and I couldn’t quite use this one either since my hair isn’t naturally curly. So, luckily I know someone who has curly hair and gave it to them (my boyfriend haha). I hadn’t ever heard of Elizabeth Mott before receiving them within a few Ipsy bags and I really like all the products I’ve gotten so far from her makeup line. The primer also does its job quite well and I was satisfied! And isn’t the packaging adorable?! I love the name of it too (Thank Me Later) because yes, I would like to thank it later for keeping my eyeshadow put in place for the day! Awesome!

Peony- Shadow Trio

Clark’s Botanicals- Deep Moisture Mask

Pacifica-  Natural lipstick

Briogeo- Curl Charisma

Elizabeth Mott- Eyeshadow Primer named Thank Me Later

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever tried any of these products? What did you think? If you haven’t tried them, which products do you rave about?

 Thanks, xoxo

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