Golden glow with sunless tanners

Want a summer tan, but don’t want to be in the sun all day, everyday? Save your skin and choose a self tanning lotion where all you need to do is mix it into your daily lotion routine and wallah, you’ve got a beautiful golden glow that appears to be natural. Ok, ok… sometimes it’s not that easy! Some tanners tend to be on the more orangy side making you appear like an umpa lumpa, but if you look at my suggestions you can luckily avoid that!

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self tanner (1 of 1)-2  self tanner (1 of 1)-3  self tanner (1 of 1)-4 Self Tanners:

Banana Boat- Summer Color

St. Tropez- Instant Glow

Neutrogena- Build a Tan 

I’m loving the Banana Boat- Summer Color self tanner at the moment because it’s under 8 bucks and you can find it at Walmart! Aaaaaand, it works wonders when achieving that summer glow. It says that it’s streak free and for the most part it’s pretty much foolproof. As you can see in the photos, the lotion comes out as a light gold shade, but darkens over a few hour period. On occasion I’ll notice a few darker spots on my skin which I probably didn’t rub in enough since I tend to apply this quite fast since it’s super easy to. I think that this self tanner lasts the longest as well as I don’t need to reapply every day, but maybe every other day or even once a week. If you want to start out more subtle, especially if you think you are looking quite ghostly from the winter, I suggest mixing the tanner in your lotion and applying it that way for the first few times. I will be repurchasing this one to keep my tan on, especially since I do have some natural glow from the sun and want to keep it by using this along with getting a little vitamin d every now and again.

I received the St. Tropez- Instant Glow in an Ipsy beauty bag about a year ago and have used it all up. That’s how much I liked it! It has sparkly flecks within the darker formula and smells quite good for a self tanner. I would say this one also gets special attention for being a more popular brand for self tanners and I can see just why. It’s a bit more pricier than the drugstore ones since you can find this at Sephora, but it’s still pretty inexpensive as it ranges around 20 bucks. They also have a new one where you can apply it in the shower for those multi taskers who need an even easier self tanning routine!

I admit, I’ve added one that is not my favorite just for the sake of warning you what not to get. The Neutrogena- Build a Tan  might be regarded as one to never purchase again for me at least. Why? The scent is a bit overpowering for me and the color is a little too orangy. Yep, I said it… too much. The lotion is actually the color of most lotions, white but turns your skin into a brownish orange shade over a few hours and isn’t natural looking enough. It also streaks more if you don’t rub it in good enough, and that’s why I favor the Banana Boat one! So, just giving you a warning if you want to give this self tanner a go.

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