Shearling Jacket & All White


What I’m wearing:

Shearling Jacket — Tobi

White Skinny Jeans — Abercrombie

Tennis Shoes — Converse

Hello again! Hope you guys have been good:) I’m pretty excited to share with you guys my all time favorite clothing item for the winter, I’m sure you’ve guessed it… yep, it’s my beige shearling jacket! I got to tell you how I came about purchasing it almost five months ago, as it was quite a hunt at the time. But now it’s so easy to find! I had been browsing trends from the runway for this fall/winter season and came across loads of shearling. When it comes to trends, I want to make sure I’d actually wear them and when I ever trendy items out of my normal style I make sure to get them inexpensive, just in case I don’t like them! But, I had a feeling I would love love loooove this trend so I started searching for one online. To my surprise they were a bit more difficult to find since I was looking for one only a little time after NY fashion week was over.

Luckily, I found an inexpensive one that was the exact style I was looking for. Yes, I had a moment where it seemed to be calling my name. Ok, joking! So, my shearling jacket arrived after I had ordered it from a site new to me called Tobi. I instantly fell in love with it! Why? First off, who doesn’t love softness?! Another reason is that I love leather jackets and this so happens to be in a motto style, but is extremely soft and comfy! I h0nestly hope this trend sticks forever and becomes a classic staple since I will be wearing it for as long as I can!

Styling it is easy and that’s another thing I love about a shearling jacket, it’s so versatile. I quite recently bought my first pair of white jeans… it’s a big deal, as I’m such a clutz and cannot keep things clean. I thought I’d wear them together by creating a monochromatic look, then layering it with my jacket. All white (almost, as I couldn’t resist adding my current favorite color of a light pinkish shade with my cardigan) with jeans, a basic tee, and my converse. Ok, I know my converse are NOT white anymore, but I like them that way a lot more than crisp, white, unworn looking ones. I used to live in them a few years ago and have had some great and fun times in them!

Sporting all white attire was new to me and I quite like it! My jeans didn’t survive long as I ended up spilling a drink on them later that day, but I will keep trying to wear them as they are fun to style with. Hope you are inspired by this look! Comment below what trend you want to see me style or if you have a pair of white jeans as well and what you wear them with?:)

Take a peek at some pieces I chose as alternatives to the brands I’m wearing…


Thanks, xoxo

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