NEW IN: Zara tee & oxfords

Lately I’ve been online shopping and I quite enjoy it! There’s such a wide selection of clothing and you don’t have to step out the door and browse through all the stores. It’s so convenient. So, I thought I’d show you guys what I ordered from the brand Zara, as I have recently just been liking there stuff! They have some very nice basics and classics, while remaining trendy without being tacky and overboard.

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Zara striped tee & silver oxfords

I hadn’t ever walked into a Zara store since unfortunately I’m pretty positive Utah doesn’t have one. Shocker, I know?! Not really. But, a YouTuber named Niomi Smart is a style influenser of mine and she had a video where she shows what she got from shopping at Zara. I quite like her style as it is feminine and classy, while still remaining girly and youthful so I browsed the site. To my surprise, Zara’s site had a clean, minimalistic appeal to me. Soon after, I ordered a pair of leather boots that I find very stylish and cool, so I couldn’t stop there. When the tee and silver oxfords came in the mail I was so excited! I love trying on new clothes and working them into my wardrobe. I had had a pair of silver oxfords, but they were wearing out and I wanted a new pair since the trend of metallics is still in! The mix of classic oxford style with metallics makes the shoes trendy, but stylish.

So, when I opened the box and felt the striped tee I was surprised by how soft it was! I haven’t worn it yet, but will soon since I like wearing striped tees and basic tees. But, yes I have worn the oxfords and love them! Sometimes it’s a bit risky buying online since sometimes things look better online then in person, but these actually were cuter in real life then online.

I will definitely have a try on blog post soon where I wear these two things in a few different outfits! So, be on the look out:)

What have you recently purchased online? Do you recommend it or is it a pass? What stores do you like browsing online? Leave a comment below!

Thanks, xoxo

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