What is Simple Beauty?

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Hi guys! I want to share with you the WHAT, in ‘What is simple beauty?’ This will be a part of a series of posts where I’ll answer questions to explain my style and beauty choices so you can get a better understanding. I’ll be filling you guys in on the main Five W’s and How — who, what, where, when, and why, for more transparency in my blog. I love sharing what I’ve learned about that’ll best suit my passions and hopefully also help you live a better, happier, healthier life. I am not a guru, professional, etc. in skincare, but am an enthusiast and self learner who enjoys spreading this fun information to you! Hope you enjoy the first part of this series, which is the WHAT to what is a simpler skincare and makeup routine that fits into my somewhat minimalist lifestyle. Hope you find this information helpful, if not inspirational! 


What is simple beauty? 

There is no strict definition with what simple beauty is defined by, which I like. You can interpret it however you want depending on what works best for you. For me, simple beauty means practicing and having a skincare routine that benefits your skins health, while also being somewhat enjoyable. I like to think of having a simple beauty routine that is convenient for me, while also using products I enjoy that make me feel good about what I’m using on my face and body. It’s sort of a part of wellness to me where I enjoy the process and find it relaxing when winding down for the evening or getting ready in the morning. You know when you take time to paint your nails and it ends up being a time you actually are quite mindful and calm? Kind of like that. I think a beauty routine can and should be somewhat enjoyable. As I’ve been applying minimalism into my life more and more, simple beauty aligns with this mentality or philosophy. Not having excessive amounts of beauty items that aren’t needed with only a few extra things here and there for fun.

Simple beauty also means to me that there should mainly be the ingredients in each product that are good for the skin, leaving out most other possibly harmful ingredients. This can sometimes seem pretty difficult, but if you’re interested in following along, I’m here to help while also looking for better products. Luckily, it’s actually becoming more and more well known in the beauty industry since consumers want products that are safer for them. One popular example is Jessica Alba’s beauty line, Honest Beauty, which tries to create products with the utmost best ingredients. In some cases you have to be careful with products labeling themselves as natural, organic, etc. due to ‘green washing’ as a marketing tactic. 

Simple beauty isn’t about leaving out chemicals. I want to emphasize on this as there’s been a rising trend with people and even me falling into the trap that natural products are better. That’s not true! Some are good, some are not so good, and that goes for chemicals too. Not all chemicals used in beauty products are harmful or dangerous. Doing research you’ll find this out or I can do another blog post on this with sources to get a better understanding. I know I’ve found this information super helpful, especially when some marketers try to get you to believe that if it’s all natural, it’s better. It’s always up to you what you choose, but being aware of this helps me and you be more conscious consumers. When I first started looking for simple beauty products, I thought that products not containing chemicals and only having natural ingredients would be better, until I found this out. I’m happy to hear that most products aren’t that harmful since our skin only absorbs some of it depending on the molecular size, quantity, what part of body it is applied, etc.

So, I’ll be sharing with you guys mainly products that have less ingredients, non-toxic, more goodness, and may even be cruelty free. I like to steer clear from the top ten or so potentially, questionable ingredients such as parabens on a consistent basis, but there are occasions where it’s ok to use. Such as a day I want to wear perfume, as perfume isn’t the best thing on your skin. I think it’s important to not get too fanatical and extreme as it’s quite minute in the whole scheme of things. Find what works for you and have fun with it! 


So, what makes a simpler skin care routine?

Coming from a huge beauty fan, I find that a simple skin care routine includes the minimum, but not lacking the essentials needed for optimal skin health. I’ve been looking a lot into the details through beauty gurus, estheticians, skin experts, and dermatologists expertise and find that you really don’t need that many products for your skin as much as the beauty marketing world likes for you to believe. This may already be common knowledge to you, but actually reminding myself this helps in achieving the necessary skin care products I need rather than purchasing too many beauty products where it’s a waste of time and money.

It’s also a continual process in discovering what works best for your skin type and lifestyle, but I’ll definitely share with you guys in the future products that tend to work for me and others I recommend and love. As of right now, I have been seeing if my previous skincare routine is working. I currently use for my face micellar water as a makeup remover and toner, a moisturizer with SPF 15, an eye gel with green tea and caffeine, an all over balm for lips and hands at night, and a body lotion. That’s not including my shower skin care. I’ll let you guys know soon if these end up working great for me. 


What about a simple makeup routine?

Less products, non-toxic, less ingredients in each product, more goodness in each, also applies to makeup. For example, one person would rarely need twenty different eyeliners if they tend to only wear a black eyeliner. It would be wasteful and not useful. But, having a few would be more than enough for that person, unless they were a makeup artist or actually created a different makeup look each day. So, what I’m trying to explain is that by having just enough products or a little more, you’ll have a simple makeup routine that fits your needs and even some of your wants. For me, a simple makeup routine means having products I use on most days, while also having a few extra fun products. 

In ending, what simple beauty does is creates a beauty routine that works best for you while also being good for you. It’s about looking good so that you can feel good and vice versa. Using that lipstick shade because it makes you feel beautiful, or spending a few minutes on applying an eye shadow to express your creative side, trying out a face mask that soothes the skin on your face, etc. It’s about not getting carried away by what the beauty industry tells you to believe in order for you to buy more of the ‘latest and greatest’ products, but instead being a conscious consumer and using ingredients you need to have for healthy skin, and products that help you express yourself that really matters. 

The next post for this series will be on the WHY for ‘why choose simple beauty?’

Have any questions about this post or relating to simple beauty? Any of you have a simple skincare routine in progress? How many products do you use daily? Is it a lot, a little, or just enough? Comment below. 



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