I heard a bit about these lip balms and wanted to try them out myself. My friend said they didn’t work that well, so I bought one and tried it. I decided to first try a colorful orangish one. I never wear orange lip color, but I thought… what the heck. So as I wore it, it moistened my lips a little while applying a small swipe of orange. I found it to be the go to lip balm for a few months until I found other brands I liked better. I wouldn’t brag to you about these, but I would say I do like to have one in my purse. They add a bit of color as well as moisturizing your lips. I find the Dr. Rescue ones leave my lips soft for a longer period of time. The one I am loving is the Blush Burst because it has shea butter and vitamin e while smelling and slightly tasting like a lemony raspberry candy. These are the solution for your chapped lips since they will make soft lips for most of the day!
Dr. Rescue- Just Peachy
Dr. Rescue- Soothing Sorbet
Blush Burst w/ shea butter & vitamin e

Oh! Orange

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