SPACE OUT: My latest sketch

I got the sudden urge to draw… and so I HAD to draw! I love when my creativity comes out on paper:) The desire to create something that you can call your own is remarkable! So, I grabbed a magazine (which typically happens since I find that faces are so unique and captivating!) and flipped through the pages until I found what caught my attention. When I had first seen this photo in the latest Teen Vogue magazine, I thought it was quite bizarre. The glasses this model wore… well, they were strange! But that’s one reason I chose this picture! It’s different! One of my favorite parts of a drawing or sketch is the hair, and this models hair was a thing of its own! So I first started outlining with my pencils, then it needed a bit more pizzzaaaz, so I went with some ink! I titled this artwork Space Out, because I think that the model looked like she was spacing out into the universe! She is in her own world! I don’t think there is a huge meaning behind this, but I like to keep it simple just like that. I also like to leave my artwork as a sketch, and not quite finished. Why? You might ask… well because I find that when I do so, this creates my individual style and I simply like it like that. I’m not much of a perfectionist, and therefore I like to leave my sketches with lots of lines so that you can see the process I went through while working on it! If I were a perfectionist, I’d have to blend everything out to make it more realistic, but I think that when that happens, most of the time it’s kinda boring. So hope you like it too! 

Thanks xoxo