My Spring Wishlist of Rosegal, Gamiss, and Zaful

Disclosure: There are affiliate links and banner ads. That means that I and who I’m working with from each site get a commission for every purchase made through the links. 

I made a quick Spring Wishlist of items I found from Rosegal, Gamiss, and Zaful that I will be receiving soon for free to review! I like these online shopping sites as I’ve gotten more and more acquainted to shopping online and these sites have a wide selection of inexpensive, trendy items. Quality may be lacking, but it doesn’t matter as much when sampling a new trend. I wouldn’t go overboard, but purchasing a few items now and again to stay on trend if wanted is optional (and fun!). I usually find that quality over quantity is a way to live, but on occasion it is ok to buy a few items that are trending at the moment that you want to have fun wearing. Here are the items I can’t wait to wear for Spring! 


Ripped Mini Frayed Denim Skirt 

Floral Embroidered Frayed Denim Shorts (small preview as they sold out quick) 

I’m a denim girl! But, wearing denim jeans for Spring may not always be realistic when there’s warmer weather. That’s why I’ll be wearing denim shorts and skirts. Oh, and I can not wait to wear floral shorts! Such a trendy item that is adorable! I also like how the denim skirt has wording on it as that gives such a youthful appeal to it. 


Sweet Off-The-Shoulder Floral Embroidered Striped Women’s Dress 

Been dying to try the off shoulder trend as it’s so very feminine. And in a dress, so casual and springy! Love how it’s striped with floral detailing along the chest. The tie keeps your waist in focus so you don’t lose your shape. I have high hopes for this dress. Thank goodness it’s long enough that I can sit and have a nice picnic if I want to on a nice Spring day. 

Printed Belted Cuff Surplice Satin Top

This was out of my comfort zone, but I think this top is darling. I usually am not a fan of long sleeves and low necklines, but it was so pretty I thought I’d give it a shot. can’t wait to wear it with a skirt. 


Embroidered Denim Jacket

Denim again! Why not have some cute patchwork going on? Yay! I can never have too many denim jackets. Their so versatile and easy to add to any outfit for that casual vibe. I’m all about casual and comfy, if you haven’t already guessed. The floral patchwork is girly for Spring too! 
See these in my looks to come for Spring! Keep your eye out! 
Thanks, xoxo 

Do you know the 2017 fashion trend? Absolutely, it is the off shoulder fashion styles. Welcome to Za