Statement necklace + leather jacket

I’ve received a statement necklace from Mirina Collections after ordering one and became a Mirina ambassador as a style blogger. I have phases where I wear jewelry and other times where I don’t. I’ve always been one who likes simplicity, so you’d only see me wearing a bunch of rings and that’s it or I’d wear a simple necklace or earrings, but usually not all at once. This statement necklace is a bit of a change for me, but I think it’s a good change! I’ve seen a few people rocking the statement necklace and thought I’d give it a try. I found that it is really easy to incorporate into my style as I like to wear plain tees or graphic tees and a jacket where the necklace works great and adds a little bling. Look onward and you’ll find a discount for your own Mirina Collections statement necklace!

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Like I said above, the statement necklace is from Mirina Collections and I’m considered as an ambassador! I’ve got a coupon code for those who want their own statement necklace to change things up for spring. Need a new accessory?

Enter this 20% off coupon code at Mirina Collections.
coupon code: mirinagirls

The leather jacket I’m wearing is from the site Shein or Sheinside! Since I like mixing rocker style with girly, I thought that this outfit worked perfectly to achieve that look. The girly was created from the necklace and my top with a flower graphic with the flowy bottom part with slits, while the rocker was made through the leather jacket and black detailing. I think converse pull the look together by making it casual and I prefer my white ones dirty and worn so that they look vintage or that’s just how I like them. But, if you have a pair of black keds or white sneakers, those work too! I would ideally wear this on the weekend out with friends, to dinner, movie night, or practically any casual event. A simple leather jacket is timeless and doesn’t go out of style.

leather jacket– Shein

And your first order is 40% off from their site! I got mine 40% off if you sign up to receive emails, simple as that!

What accessories do you wear? Which brand do you like for jewelry? What are you up to this weekend? Don’t be shy, comment below!

Thanks, xoxo

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