Summer beauty







I always seem to get excited when a new package from IPSY arrives! You might wonder why especially since it’s just beauty samples. Nope, they aren’t just beauty samples, they are samples from different makeup brands that some I haven’t used or heard from yet and there’s plenty to use. I tend to like to mix up my beauty routine a little with new products every now and again and IPSY helps me do so. So, which products am I most excited to use? Usually, I don’t jump around for face masks just because I don’t spend a lot of time on pampering my skin routine up I guess you’d say. I like using face washes that only take a few minutes, but I will try the scrubs and mask since my skin could use some cleansing. I tend to break out a bit every other week or so. I’m most excited to try the Foundation Primer from Smashbox since I’ve seen them in Sephora about every time I walk in and am curious if they are any good. I will do a review in a few weeks on these products after I’ve sampled them. I also quite like lip stains and eyeshadow crayons since they tend to be easiest to use and last long.
Hydrating Lip Stain- J. Cat Beauty 15 Bead
Cucumber Facial Mask- Befine
Microdermabrasion Scrub- derma e
Mini Shadow Crayon- treStique in color Marimoto Pink Pearl
Photo Finish Foundation Primer- Smashbox
Thanks, xoxo