Dirty Works- That Fiji Feeling Coconut Body Butter
& Bling It On Shimmer Lotion
EOS- shave cream in Pomegranate Raspberry
Look what I’ve recently picked up! Like I already don’t have enough scented lotions to lather on myself… but I can’t avoid indulging myself in a nice new scent or a better find. I have never tried the Dirty Works brand and wanted to give it a go and I found out about EOS coming out with lotion and shaving cream not too long ago. Now, may I warn you that I absolutely love the body butter because it is just the right consistency to do its job. The lotion isn’t too thick or thin and glides on smoothly to create the perfect soft skin I need for the summer. Of course, I love the smell! I can’t ever get enough of that coconutty or pineapple, fruity type of smell that are the perfect summer skincare scents. The shimmer lotion, on the other hand has a strong scent that cannot be described… it’s growing on me, but I’d rather have it be more subtle. The shimmer is quite nice to enhance the slight tan I’ve gotten over the summer though! The only thing it smells close to baking powder… that’s the best I can explain. I mix it into the body butter and that definitely helps! What smells the best? The shave cream is AMAZING! I wish this came in a lotion too because I would wear it all the time! It does exactly what a shaving cream is bound to do, along with smelling fabulous!
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