Pro’s and Con’s of Honest Beauty free trial

Hello lovelies! I’ve wanted to share with you all the free trial kit I ordered online from Honest Beauty for quite a while. Now, I’ve wanted to try Honest Beauty products ever since I heard about Jessica Alba’s all natural beauty line, but obviously needed to try the samples before getting ahead of myself. As you may know, I enjoy sampling products loads in order to find just the right item to add into my simplified makeup routine. It is quite a process, but I’m here to sample beauty products and tell you what’s worth buying and what’s not. So, here’s my review on the Honest Beauty trial…

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Why I like the makeup in Ipsy’s February bag

Guys, welcome back and hello to those who are new:) Hope you find help in my makeup review of Ipsy’s February beauty bag. If you don’t know what Ipsy is… here’s a little breakdown. Ipsy was created by Michelle Phan (Youtube beauty guru), who is one of my inspirations when it comes to everything beauty. Ipsy is a makeup bag subscription service that provides a new makeup bag full of five samples a month to try out from new brands, popular brands, and natural products for only 10 bucks a month. I find that the subscription has helped me to improve my makeup collection by providing me with new products I can sample and enjoy! So, I’ve tried the February samples and wanted to give you my best opinion to those who are looking for new makeup to try, but don’t want to risk everything without knowing anything about the products. Also, I wasn’t told to say these things and this is my own opinion. I just wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite things I look forward to each month:)

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primer, skincare, makeup

Have any of you struggled to find the right primer for either your budget, skin type, or lack of knowing which one has worked for others? Want to skip the test taking of sampling every primer you find in the local makeup store? I’ve got a few that I find work pretty good depending on the type you prefer! I’ve picked my favorite primer out of these 4 that tends to work the best for my skin tone and is budget friendly. Primers are nice to use if you plan on wearing your makeup throughout the day and don’t want to touch up on it or primers are nice to minimize pores and set in the makeup you put on for the day.  Keep reading “HOW TO CHOOSE A PRIMER”