Sustainable Brand Spotlight: Reformation

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There’s a brand on the rise, not just for their modern girly style, but also for their sustainability practices and goals set in place. I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Reformation yet, but don’t worry I’m here to show you a few of my favorite pieces from the brand that are out right now. Soon enough this brand will be one of your favorites as I’d imagine it will be for me soon too. I have not purchased any items yet, but it won’t be long before I decide to invest in a few pieces.

They also have new affordable pieces under the name Reformation Jeans. For more applicable casual style, I think I’ll be shopping more of the Ref Jeans than on the whole site itself, especially as the style seems to fit mine more. I don’t find myself wearing dresses very often, so this collection obviously has more denim, denim, denim!I wanted to go over the stuff I would love to have in my wardrobe — of course I wouldn’t need all of these items — but they are all ones I liked most from the site at the moment. Let me mention them in a way that gives you a better idea of what can be included in your closet as they are all classic pieces.

Plaid Skirts 

There’s a few of them I added in the images above as I’ve been more into skirts lately. Maybe I want to change things up a bit from my usual denim days, but I will always be a blue jeans gal. Mixing skirts into my style might prevent me from ever getting in a style rut. You know? Those times where you say, “There’s NOTHING to wear!”, when in reality you definitely have plenty to choose from. I particularly like the first skirt featured, as it’s black with a white plaid pattern. It’s just more me, mostly from the color choice. I can see myself incorporating the skirt with just all black, to be honest. Maybe I’d add a pair of colored sneaks for the cool girl slash cute girl look.  

Midi Dresses / T-Shirt Dresses

That floral midi dress is just gorgeous! There’s a pretty daringly high slit on one side that makes it more flirtacious. I would definitely want to wear some edgy looking combat boots with this dress as it’s just the right amount of feminine, why not add some rocker vibes. I’d also swap in a washed out denim jacket if it’s a cooler day out when I’m wearing this. Ok, I act like I own the thing, but sadly I’m just dreaming. 

As for the t-shirt dresses in the slideshow, I could use a classic black one and a striped one. Think of all the ways you can style those?! So many! These are both very versatile items as you can layer, layer, layer. 

Denim Everything 

I never think you can have too much denim and that’s coming from me, an aspiring minimalist! Denim in short skirts, cropped colored jackets, shearling jackets, jeans, almost anything! Even a denim tencel crop top would do. I love how there are so many variations with denim now a days as there are just a bajillion brands who incorporate the classic fabric. 

Striped Tops / Sweaters

Once again, you can’t go wrong with pairing a striped top with almost anything casual. Or, choose your favorite comfy sweater and try tucking part of it in in your jeans or skirt. Sweaters are a fool proof top to dress in the winter with as you don’t have to layer any more tops if you don’t want to, besides adding your coat on top. 

Button Up Tops

I like wearing button up tops on days I want to dress up my casual outfit more than just wearing a basic tee. There are a few ways to style it by tuck one side into my jeans, tucking all of the top in, or neither! Depends on what you feel like looks best on you. 


These are all classic pieces, some with a little twist to them for personality and fun! Like how the black denim skirt has studs on them for some edge. If you want to find out more about how Reformation is considered a sustainable brand and more about their practices, just click here to enter their site. I promise you won’t be disappointed for what they stand for while still having an incredible sense of style for the modern girl. You might find yourself on the site longer than intended, as you’ll find loads of casually styled clothing! There are other brands that are sustainable, which I give them props for being crazy brave enough to branch away from fast fashion, but some don’t include styled clothes that just fit this generation. Do you know what I mean? I find there are a few sustainable brands that just make the basics of the basics, and that can get a little boring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than producing colossal amounts of cheap clothing, but can a girl have a little of both — trendyish/personality pieces and classic girl items and be sustainable? I don’t want to be dressing bland without showing any personality! 

So, what did you think of this post? Would you like me to highlight more on other sustainable brands catered to the fashionista and not so much to the tree hugger? Nothing wrong with a tree hugger like style, but not every person who wants to incorporate more sustainability into their life like the same looking things. Does that make sense? I sure hope so! Comment below what style type of clothing you’d like for me to find a sustainable brand containing? (edgy, girly, parisian, eclectic, minimalistic, etc.)