Birthday beauty

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog, sorry I’ve been away for a week or two I’ve been on vacation visiting my boyfriend in California. Wow, it was lots of fun and I didn’t want to come home back to Utah to be quite honest. The weather is so nice there and I’m such a beach bum… I also love how the shopping centers have every store and are massive. I had my birthday while I was away and was fortunate to get such nice presents from everyone:) I wanted to show you the beauty bits I received from my boyfriend, his family, and my sister! So, keep on looking and I’ll show you:)
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Collab: Ivy City Co grid button-up

Hello all! Hope you guys are enjoying the last week of May. I’m excited to say goodbye to May and hello to June, my birthday month! So, why not buy myself an early birthday gift? That’s exactly what I did! Oh, and I have a 15% discount code for you lovely people to the beautiful boutique, Ivy City Co. Scroll down and see how I styled their button-up grid white and black top and find the coupon code. I love the classic black and white look, but added the cobalt blue jacket since blue is my favorite color and it looks really good!
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Pinch Me Unboxing: Garnier hair products & lotion ...

I’ve got a few new samples I’ve tried out from Pinch Me that I wanted to share with you! I reviewed them and they are worthy of my approval to be considered on my beauty favorites list or must have products. So here they are!  Keep reading “Pinch Me Unboxing: Garnier hair products & lotion review”

The pocket tee

I’ve been looking at local shops to mix within my current style and help out local boutiques! This way, I also get wonderful discounts for you beautiful followers! I like to add simple pieces in with my classic pieces from brands that never go out of style like Levi’s, Calvin Kleins, etc. I also did a DIY, which is unusual for me and saved a bunch on a pair of boyfriend jeans, so I’ll tell you the process below! Keep on reading….:)

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Spring Bloom Voxbox

Hi guys! I’m excited to show you all the samples I got from Influenster! I received these for testing purposes and always enjoy trying new things to add into my daily beauty routine. Sometimes I get a few random goodies to snack on as well:) So let’s get started on my review…

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Turquoise dreams

Good morning, good afternoon, good night! Hope you are doing well:) I just recently purchased this beautiful flowy dress from a cute online store called Shop Sevan, the owner is from Utah! I’ve been trying to support some local brands that fit well with my style lately. In my post, I have a lovely discount code for 20% off at Shop Sevan! Take a look….

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