All Gone: Lips

Hello friends! This is my second post series on the products I’ve used up and are ALL GONE! I threw out the products that I never want to ever use again and wont show you those, since I want to give you guys products that I enjoy using and ratings on them. Hope this helps:)

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You’re the Balm- Green Apple

Tarte- Lovely

Blistex- Lip Vibrance

These amazing lip products have been all used up and competely gone. That’s a good thing, a sign that I liked using them and used them often. I find that my lips chap easily… maybe I don’t drink enough water, could be the lip products I use, but I doubt that since I have tried tons of lip products and my lips just simply chap. It’s dry here in Utah and that could be a factor. Anyways, boring right? Surprisingly I hadn’t used up any lipsticks. I prefer for an every day casual look to wearing lip balm or lip crayons as you can’t really go wrong with getting the color all smeared and bizarre looking. No mirror needed for these products!

I have said before in an earlier post on how much I love the You’re the Balm lip product. But, I will repeat it to any of those who are new to my blog. This has a slight pinky color and adds to your natural lip shade if you want to go for that slightly more pinky color from you lips. I prefer this over anything since it not only smells good and glides on perfectly, but it looks nice. It adds a bit of gloss to the lips and the consistency is perfect enough to where you don’t need a lot to cover your lips. This is a 10 out of 10 for me!

The Tarte lipsurgence lip crayon in the shade lovely is simply a step up closer to a lipstick from a lip balm. I would rather wear a lip crayon over lipstick as most do not dry out your lips and leave a great shine to them without being too matte and too glossy and goopy. This shade added a little more to my natural shade and enhanced my lips more than the balm. Tarte lovely was one of my go to with a lip crayon shade that I can rely on!

If you want some sparkle, choose the Blistex Lip Vibrance chapstick. Yes, all of these have similar shades since I tend to go for a more natural look on most days. But, this one is a bit of a change from the basic uncolored chapsticks and leaves a pinky, sparkly effect on the lips. Go for this if you want to draw a bit more attention to your lips and make them appear bigger as the sparkles will help with that!

What natural lip shades and products do you use? Are you a sucker for the vaseline tubs? Tell me in the comments:)

Thanks, xoxo



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