Summer Beauty Must Haves

Since it’s the middle of summer, I decided to share with you guys these summer beauty must haves. Most of the makeup I collected in this post are newer products that I’ve tried just recently that deserve some attention! These beauty essentials will provide you with a beautiful summer glow and brighten up your makeup routine if you feel yours has gotten a little dull. Keep browsing…


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Summer beauty must haves-

Vaseline- rosy lips

Hikari-Shimmer Bronzer

Pacifica eyeshadow palette- Skinny Dip, Crush, Lovely (similar)

Too Faced- Better Than Sex mascara

Colourpop Cosmetics- Get Paid

Urban Decay- lounge eyeshadow

I’m always on the look out for a new lip balm and mostly the kind that leave my lips smooth. I’m not so much concerned about the color, but once I came across the collision of Vaseline and a bit of lip tint, I was sold! Vaseline- rosy lips is the perfect combination to prevent chapped lips in the dry summer months and add some color to your natural lip shade. It may be double the price of a regular Vaseline tube, but it’s worth it for a on the go lip balm! I love the scent too!

Hikari-Shimmer Bronzer has made life super simple for your makeup routine. A bronzer and blush combo in one! Feel free to swirl all on your brush and layer if you want on your cheeks and forehead or use separate brushes for the bronzer and the blush to apply in different areas on the face. The shimmer it gives off is gorgeous when your face is within the sun and it doesn’t disappoint. I also enjoy the pink shade within the mix as it’s not too bright and not too dull.

As I’ve probably said before, I’ve been trying to include more natural, organic beauty products into my collection and the Pacifica eyeshadow palette- Skinny Dip, Crush, Lovely (similar) does just that. I received this eyeshadow palette within one of my last IPSY bags and love the three shades all together as they compliment each other really well. I feel a bit more reassured knowing I’m not putting on chemicals near my eyes when using this shadow palette. There are a few different ways to use the three shades to create a few looks for the summer. Nice and simple!

After searching for a higher end mascara to astonish me, I think I’ve found the one. The Too Faced- Better Than Sex mascara is definitely a new mascara that I may be using for a long time in the future. It coats your lashes and makes them not only look longer, but also look fuller. When I apply this mascara, it literally looks like I’m wearing false lashes without the hassle of actually wearing false lashes. Very gorgeous! The only slight downfall is the formula isn’t very close to being waterproof as it smudges under my eyes throughout the day a bit. So, keep that in mind especially if you are on the oilier skin side. Otherwise, this Too Faced mascara is added onto my top favorite mascaras ever.

There’s been so much rave over Colourpop Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and I’ve honestly never tried them yet. I prefer the lip crayons as they are more hydrating and not completely matte and drying. But, I have wanted to try something from the brand and was fortunate to receive the Colourpop Cosmetics- Get Paid liner. It’s definitely a different shade from my usual black liner, but I find it would look best worn alone and be quite striking. I’m not sure how long it’ll last as I’ve only used it once so far, but I thought it’d be worth mentioning as gold is a favorite of mine and looks great as a summer shade.

I always like getting Urban Decay products in the mail, but to be honest when I saw the eyeshadow shade I never thought I’d wear it. But, once I realized that the Lounge shade that appeared gray at first site was actually a two toned shadow! It’s like 3D! I applied a bit on my hand to see the effects and once I moved my hand it changed from a darkish red to a grayish green shade, but as I blended it the shade is more brown. Wow, I love it! So, Urban Decay- lounge eyeshadow has to be a summer favorite as it provides something new to the table.

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