Femleisure Look


What I’m Wearing:

Gray purse Rosegal 

Track pantsAbercrombie & Fitch 

Gray sweater (similiar)H&M 

Hello all! Felt like sporting something new and unique to my usual style by trying out a trend that incorporates sporty with girly, also known as Femleisure. This trend has been going on for awhile and I finally decided to give it a go! Mixing feminine pieces with sporty attire prevents you from looking lazy or as if you just walked out of the gym. Last thing you want is to look as if you’ve stepped outside wearing your gym clothes around town without looking put together. I’m not a fan of the black leggings every other college girl is wearing to school these days, sorry not sorry! Unless you know how to style them correctly, but I notice WAY too many girls wearing them without giving any thought to what they actually look like. Quite embarrassing. 

Anyways, I can get sidetracked on that note in particular! But, let’s get into the femleisure outfit I’ve created as inspiration for you! I’m usually not a huge lover of flared pants and tend to avoid them at all costs as I don’t find them very comfortable, but I made the exception for these as they are track pants. The material is soft and flowy which prevents you from feeling uncomfortable. If it were in denim, I would’ve felt like I was drowning in fabric for some reason. I paired the track pants with a somewhat girly, v neck sweater as well as a longer tee underneath. Tucking the sweater helps accentuate the waist, giving shape to the look. Keeping my toes inside silver slip on’s that work perfectly with the skimming track pants. 

As you can tell, I wore gray as a neutral against the maroon striped track pants to keep things casual. Too much color contrast would cause the eye to get confused at where the focal point is, on the pants. I just got this bag from Rosegal a few weeks ago! I think it adds another feminine feature to the look with a subtle fluffy detail in the middle of the purse for a posh feel. I got the purse complementary from Rosegal to try out and let you guys know what I think. I think it’s such a nice, cute crossbody! It’s not black, like most of my other purses! Gray is also now one of my favorite colors to wear, due to the influence of my boyfriend. I never would’ve thought. It’s such a lovely neutral that works with so many things!

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 Thanks, xoxo 


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