I though of doing a post on my trip I took about a year ago to London, UK and what I wore for those of you traveling there anytime soon. I think it’d be helpful to get some outfit inspiration for when you start packing and figuring out what to wear while you are away. I found a few pictures of what I wore, but these were not all the outfits I had since I was there for about a month. So, I hope you find these helpful. I know that the clothes you choose to take depend on the weather so keep that in mind since I was there around springtime when it was more chilly, but this definitely will be a good start to your outfit ideas. Here are a few of the basics that I took along on my trip…
TRENCH- yes, I found a basic trench and was glad to have it with me almost everywhere I went when the clouds came in. I got mine from GAP, but you can find them in almost any store or online if needed.
DENIM BUTTON UP- This is very versatile. The more versatile an item of clothing is, the better use for a vacation. This way,  you can pair it with more than one outfit if you are away for a longer period of time. Also saves space in your lovely luggage so that you are not hauling a big load of your whole wardrobe with you. I found my medium washed denim top at Forever 21. You can button it with dark washed jeans, or wear it unbuttoned with a basic tee underneath.
STRIPED TEES- I brought at least a couple of my striped tees because I find that they add to a plain outfit by creating a pattern for your look. Nice and easy! Forever 21 & Old Navy shown in the images above
DARK WASH JEANS- Once again, very versatile. I would wear mine with my striped tees or about any top. Dark wash tends to look more classy and less trashy.
WHITE TEE- Can be worn with literally every pair of jean or shorts or pants you own! Layer with anything, wear with anything! Ok, maybe not a dress…
BOOTS, KEDS, OR RUNNING SHOES- Since I was away for awhile, I brought all 3. I had a pair of chelsea black boots that were extremely comfortable to walk around in. Converse, when I wasn’t strolling far from our vacation home. The running shoes came in handy when we were walking and touring around London. There will be a lot of walking done while in Europe, so be prepared with shoes that are worn in and comfortable.
SUNGLASSES, BEANIE, WATCH- Random accessories that you are not afraid to lose if you forget them while traveling around. Do not bring anything that is expensive because if you lose it, that definitely sucks cuz the chances of you finding it are quite slim. Sunglasses for the sun, beanie for chilly days, and a watch to keep up on the time.
ENDLESS BAG- Yes, you will need a bag that can fit about anything! I made that mistake and bought a purse that fit only a few basic things to tour around with, but would’ve liked one that was twice as big. If you need to put a jacket in there or a few snacks and your wallet, it’s nice to have a bigger bag. I’m not talking about massive, but big enough to fit what you need on a day out.
LEATHER JACKET- This jacket is for those days that you want to dress it up a little and look nicer and less touristy. I had days like those. I found mine in Forever 21 with gold studs and fell in love. Find one that matches your vibe.
BOMBER/VARSITY JACKET- Fun to add when wanting more layers. Say, with a striped tee and that baseball hat from your boyfriend. Perfect sporty look going on along with the running shoes.
COLORFUL SWEATERS- Pastels, blues, and patterned. If it’s gonna be gold bring a few. I didn’t want to wear all black everyday, so I brought brighter ones, one in light blue and the other in pink. Definitely will keep you warm and comfy.
Thanks, xoxo

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