My university sweatshirt


It’s finals week, which means bringing out the comfy clothes while studying away. Luckily, I have mine right where I want it to be. I constantly wear this since it’s been chilly in Utah for most of the year so far and it’s been killing me. But, I’ve got this sweatshirt with the college that I go to on the front and the brand Jansport to keep me nice and warm. It’s literally the softest thing I own and I don’t want to wash it because it might loose the softness! Check out my university sweatshirt below and see more sweatshirts that you could shop for yourself if you need one for finals week.

sweatshirt sweatshirt sweatshirt

My crewneck sweatshirt  from the University of Utah is my university sweatshirt that I will be keeping until it falls apart. Isn’t that what you do? Vintage? I almost always get my sweatshirts in a large because I prefer them to be oversized, that way I can wear them with leggings and cover my bottom or I can lounge around and feel completely comfortable. I also like to have my sweatshirts without a hood, the hood tends to bug me and get in the way or choke me a bit and we don’t need that! This one isn’t considered super girly and cute, but it’s the casual I’m looking for. It already reminds me of a vintage sweatshirt since my parents have owned some since they were young too and they have looked similar to this one.

So, tell me if you have your own favorite sweatshirt? What will you be wearing during finals week? Where do you go to college? Comment below:)

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