What do you need for your “perfect” Valentine’s Day? I say perfect, but we all know that is unobtainable. So, let’s replace that with… amazing or any adjective that describes how you want your day to go! I’ve come up with a few Valentine’s Day essentials to add into your makeup bag in order to smell nice, have a kissable pout, and be ready for a good date, night out, or girls night:) You can have fun with with friends, family, or your man on Valentine’s Day! Let’s get started!

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First grab your cutest makeup bag that speaks girlyness! Find the perfume scent that’s sweet, but a little musky to feel sexy or cute:) Spray it behind your ears or neck, and on one of your wrists and press your wrists together to spread the scent! Next, look in your makeup drawer and find the lipstick shade that best describes your personality or your mood. It doesn’t have to be red or pink… it can be a nude color or berry! Go with whatever suites you best:) Don’t forget to add a chapstick into your bag, just in case you need to hydrate those lips! Lastly, browse your jewelry collection for a statement piece to add to your outfit… such as this clear heart ring!

Also, if you need any inspiration for a classy outfit for the night, flip through a magazine that fits your style. I went with Cosmopolitan just in case I wanted to go for a fancy, sexy outfit with pumps… but, most likely I’ll incorporate it within a more casual outfit since I don’t live in a big city where that is needed. Hope this gave you some tips and was a bit helpful! Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day:)

Who will you be spending your Valentine’s Day with? What essentials will be in your makeup bag or purse? What color do you wear that makes you feel more sexy or girly?

Thanks, xoxo

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