Velvet Sock Boots Are Everything

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Ever since I spotted fashionista’s styling sock boots around during the fall fashion season, I knew I wanted to find a pair. Socks, but shoes?! How comfy could that be? Except for the heel part, of course. I just thought the style of shoe looked unique, while also being quite flattering by having some height to the boot. So, I went online shopping to find a pair that suited my style and I couldn’t go wrong with choosing a maroon shade as I find it’s a color I have a bit of in my wardrobe. I then discovered another trend that I thought would be fun to try, which was anything velvet. I can’t remember a time I ever had anything velvet, so I was excited to find a velvet sock boot. Soft, flattering, and pretty comfortable for a boot. 

Since the sock boot was trending, I found loads of different ones online of every shade and pattern. Particularly with shoes, I find myself gravitating towards more bold colors, textures, or patterns since I like having my shoes make a statement on most occasions. You can wear a casual, laid back look on with a denim jacket and a black skirt, but once you add the statement shoes you’ve added something fun to the look. As you can see, I went with these maroon velvet sock boots that I found on T.J.Maxx’s website and they were one of the last pairs left!

When I’m going for a trendier piece, I usually opt for a more inexpensive option just in case it doesn’t work for me. But, in other situations I try to find my clothing or shoes that I plan to wear and take care of for as long as it lasts, specifically if it’s a more sustainable option made from well sourced fabric, etc. So, when it came to the sock boot trend, I knew I wouldn’t just be wearing them for one season, but for as long as they last. I don’t see myself getting sick of wearing them anytime soon. 

This outfit shows my go-to color palette for fall and winter as I prefer sticking to neutrals the most, sometimes with one item of color which has usually been maroon, blue, or blush pink at the moment. I found the tee from Cotton On, which reads ‘All Black Everything’ even though I’m technically not wearing all black, haha! I don’t take it too seriously or else it’s not as fun! What’s nice about Cotton On, is it’s one of those brands that are working towards being more sustainable while being reasonably priced. One day I hope most of the clothing will be made out of organic cotton, but they’re making progress.

As for my jeans, I got them awhile ago from HM as I wanted a pair of darker high waisted jeans. I decided later on that I wanted rips in my jeans to create more edge to any look when I wear them, so I easily cut them and frayed the ends a little. These are quite comfy jeans and I highly recommend HM jeans as I’ve had a few pairs previously and they just seem to fit me right. Jeans are definitely one piece of apparel difficult to find the right fit, so it’s always a bit of a guessing game. I usually stick to HM jeans or Levi’s as I’ve found they fit me better than most other brands I’ve ever tried. But, I want to branch out and try other denim brands and would love any suggestions! Let me know in the comments below if you have the ideal pair of jeans and what brand? Or, have you tried the sock boot trend? What do you think of it? 

Products Shown:

All Black Everything Black Tee — Cotton On 

High Waisted Washed Out Ripped Jeans (similar) — HM (DIY ripped)

Maroon Velvet Sock Boots (similar) — T.J.Maxx

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