Pinch Me Unboxing: Garnier hair products & lotion review

I’ve got a few new samples I’ve tried out from Pinch Me that I wanted to share with you! I reviewed them and they are worthy of my approval to be considered on my beauty favorites list or must have products. So here they are! 

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Garnier- Whole Blends in Honey Treasures

I’ve sampled the Garnier shampoo and conditioner for at least a few weeks and I’m impressed, it leaves my hair super dang soft! I love hair products that soften my hair and make it seem more healthy and shiny. I think the smell is a warm, vanilla, honey inspired scent that makes you feel at home. I’m super glad I got to sample these as I would definitely recommend them to my followers if you are looking for a new hair product to use that will leave your hair feeling healthy and smooth. Also, it’s also paraben free, which is definitely a bonus as parabens aren’t healthy to have within products used on the body. Good job Garnier! They have other scents as well so check out their website if you are interested HERE.  Not gonna lie, I want to try their coconut one as I’m obsessed with the smell and hear that coconut is very moisturizing. Hope you found this post helpful! Have a good day guys!

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