Why Simple Beauty?

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I’m back at it again with another post for the simple beauty series. For those of you new to the series, welcome! I’m sharing with you all a few of the reasons I’m switching to simpler beauty. I’m using the Five W’s — who, what, where, when, why and adding in how. Last post was on the ‘what is simple beauty’ and this post if you haven’t already guessed it, is on the ‘why simple beauty?’ Hope you find this series helpful in any way! 


Why simple beauty? 

Personally, why I’m transitioning to a more simple beauty routine is mainly because I like the minimalist lifestyle. This may be due to the information I have gained about minimalism and how once again there is no strict definition for these two terms. It’s free for interpretation! Once again, for me it’s about finding a balance in my life that works best for me when it comes to beauty, style, and any other subjects of importance to me. That’s because minimalism is about making what is important to you a priority and not letting other things get in the way too often. It’s all about living your best life. So minimalism and simple beauty go hand in hand for me as I love beauty and style most, but want to make sure to balance them with other things I find meaningful in life as well, such as relationships. 

So, I choose simple beauty so that I can live the lifestyle I want for a better life. I think that having a simple beauty routine is about using ingredients good for your skin and body, for a healthier you. Taking care of yourself whenever possible while also enjoying the process. 

It also has to do with having what is needed, while leaving out the excess that may cause future regret. Such as purchasing a few too many beauty products that end up being costly, which then may prevent you from spending that money on something else. Choosing simple beauty also means to me that even though I love skincare and makeup, doesn’t mean I should spend all my time on it. That way, I have time on other priorities. It’s about discovering balance, just like anything else in life. 


Why switch to simple beauty? 

There are multiple reasons why switching to simple beauty is great! I’ll share with you all the top reasons why I think it is. For one, simple beauty means it’s an easier, faster routine that is also more convenient. Convenient because you don’t need to go out of your way as often to repurchase new items unless you want to, otherwise you don’t need to. It’s a lot easier to have only a few essential beauty products, than a large amount as you could end up spending most of your time just deciding what to use. Using a handful of items makes it easy because you already know what you’ll be using day in and day out. A couple for the morning, a couple others for night like retinol. 

Another reason why, is due to the fact that it will most likely be less money and the more affordable option. Since you’ll only be using products needed to keep your skin healthy, you won’t be spending as much on extra products you could live without. Yay! More of your money saved or used for fun times! I also want to include how a product that is more in price, does not always or ever really mean it’s any better. Keep that in mind as marketing tactics in the beauty industry will try and make you believe this. I also recently discovered that when you want to find a product that’s generally safer and of highest quality, go for one from a more well-known company over a smaller company. Smaller companies are in some cases better when looking for products to help a certain skin problem. 

The philosophy I love most, ‘less is more’ also applies to this concept. I think that by having less or in other words, all that you need, you actually have more than enough. You’ll have more time, money, and even energy to do other things. That’s also relatively true about the products containing less ingredients by leaving out more harmful chemicals or whatnot, as you’ll hopefully have more of the good ingredients needed for healthy skin. 

It’s also about having more control on what you can with beauty. Not letting the advertisements for beauty brands sway you too much into making a decision. That way you can be a more conscious and careful consumer. Being a conscious consumer helps you appreciate what you already have and acknowledge what you really need and don’t need. 

Don’t forget to have some fun! Splurge a little on a product or two if you want. Take some time for yourself by getting a pedicure. Whatever you want! Just remember what’s important in your life so you don’t get too carried away. Ha! 

Final note: It’s not all about having simple skincare, it’s also about your well being. Do what makes you feel good. If that has nothing to do with beauty products, but rather relaxing in the bath with a good book, do it! I want to encourage you guys to make wellness a priority in your lives as I’ve found out loads of amazing benefits in doing so. I can make another blog post on wellness and what it means to me as well as how others interpret it if that’s something you guys are interested in? I love sharing uplifting information that’s beneficial to me and to you guys! 

Comment below if you’d like a blog post on wellness? Let me know if you’re thinking of switching to simpler skincare? Why or why not? Love hearing from you all! 



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